Friday, February 7, 2014

You wrote the book. Now what? by Rebecca Royce

I recently sat down with a woman dreaming of being a Romance Author. She’s talented, with great ideas, but has never been able to get published. So, we sat around and talked about what she was supposed to do next.

First of all, its important to note that there are lots of ways to get published these days. The traditional model of getting published is not the only way to go about it. Digital publishing changed everything and I happened to have made my career that way.

But I don’t want to talk about how to submit, where to submit, and how. I want to talk about taking a critique. One of the things I suggested to my new friend is that if she has never been read, never been edited, then she is not ready to submit.

An author needs very thick skin.

If you are a new writer or an unpublished one then you need to submit your work for an edit with a critique group. You need to hear from someone who may or may not know what the heck they are talking about that your book is just awful. Why? Because even if it is not awful someone out there is going to hate it after they read and you’d better be ready to let that roll off your back. No one likes everything and someone is not going to like what you’re doing.

Rejections are hard. If you don’t have a previous relationship with a publisher it can be hard to get your foot in the door. Its better if that moment is not the first moment you’re hearing no.

I guess that’s my advice. You’ve written a book? Don’t you dare submit it anywhere until you’ve had it torn apart. Its not ready and neither are you.

About Rebecca

As a teenager, Rebecca Royce would hide in her room to read her favorite romance novels when she was supposed to be doing her homework. She hopes, these days, that her parents think it was well worth it.

Rebecca is the mother of three adorable boys and is fortunate to be married to her best friend. They’ve just moved to Texas where Rebecca is discovering a new love for barbecue!
She's in love with science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal and tries to use all of these elements in her writing. She's been told she's a little bloodthirsty so she hopes that when you read her work you'll enjoy the action packed ride that always ends in romance. Rebecca loves to write series because she loves to see characters develop over time and it always makes her happy to see her favorite characters make guest appearances in other books.

In Rebecca Royce's world anything is possible, anything can happen, and you should suspect that it will.!/rebeccaroyce


Aidan Roux fled New Orleans fifteen years ago, leaving behind a woman he loved. Planning to keep it light because he has no intentions of sticking around, he’s caught off guard by his mother’s health crisis. Forced to stay, he challenges Stacey to be his lover for February with no expectations of anything else.

Stacey never stopped wanting Aidan, but she’s not a girl anymore and she meets his proposition with one of her own. A hero, just back from Afghanistan, he’s the perfect guy for her calendar contest. If he wants her in his bed, he’ll pose for her camera.

Stacey and Aidan seem made for each other—but old hurts cannot be forgotten and love isn’t always enough…

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  1. Rebecca is a fabulous and prolific writer with incredible work ethics. And, she personally dragged me into the publishing world. She's a fabulous friend, mentor, and author. Read her books, but be warned: They're addictive.