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Not All Pirates are Sexy by Dominique Eastwick

Dear Pirate sites and those using them,
 I am not flattered you are downloading my stolen books for free. I do not get a great big advance and I count every penny my book sales give me. You would not steal a paperback off the shelf so why do you think it's okay to steal my pdf.
 I have spent all morning requesting my books be removed from your sites, and yes my time is precious. And now the count is over 10000 of my books being downloaded for free. And don't tell me those people wouldn't have paid anyway. If they didn't want to pay for the book they shouldn't have stolen it. And if they can afford the computer, nook, kindle they need to read it on they can afford the 2.99 if cost to buy my book.
Let me say this LOUD AND CLEAR. Downloading eBooks from pirating sites is stealing. They are not a lending library, you get to keep the books forever if you choose. If you want to check out my books then ask your local library to get them for their eBook program, it’s available to them. Library's pay the authors for their books. They are legit, pirating sites are not. If you think I make a lot of doing this I do not. Do I want people to read my books yes but pirating doesn't help my book it hurts it. Do not buy into the hype that this is okay, or LEGAL it is NOT. This is theft plain and simple. Pirate sites do not own my books, I do and I have NOT given them the right to use my books in any way... If you can't afford my book ask me if I have free copies to give you. DO NOT STEAL THEM.
Let’s Debunk the Hype.
Downloading free media is a victimless crime.~~~ FALSE.  When you down load a movie it’s the little people who lose out, because the big company’s cut them first. It’s the painters the costumers the props people. People who make little to nothing anyway.  When I sell a book I make between 35% and 50% depending on the publisher of what the Publisher makes. That means that once Amazon and Nook take their cut I get sometimes 10 cents on the dollar.
I should be honored that so many people are downloading my book~~~FALSE. Would you be honored if someone came into your house and stole from you? Theft is theft weather it’s a piece of Bubblegum or a camera.
It shouldn’t bother you because they wouldn’t have bought it anyway~~~FALSE Really that’s the best you can come up with. 9000 copies of Tony’s Haven were downloaded in one weekend. I should feel happy that 9000 people would prefer to steal it then pay 3.99 for it. So I am not planning on ever buying a Porsche, I am not going to steal one just to make this statement ok.
Authors make tons in advances~~~ FALSE  Some a very few make big advances and guess what they make no more money until that advance number has been met. And other authors get as little as $10 for an advance. But the vast majority live in hope of a royalty check. That royalty check pays for the extras we can’t afford otherwise, sports, music and oh those things like electricity. A great many authors are just happy to see $10 dollar royalty checks every month or so.

Amazon gives it away for free what's the big deal~~~ The big deal is that Amazon gives it away if I as the author say they can. Not because they choose too.
AUTHOR my helpful hints
Now that I have addressed the pirate sites this is my advice to Authors. You may not agree with them all but here it goes…
·         Expect it to happen. When it does you will be ready to deal with it. It’s a sad fact of the business. I don’t have to like it but I except that it will happen and I will have to deal with it. Expect the worse hope for the best.
·         Deal with it.
·         Getting unduly emotional. (Yes I have cried but I am learning) It’s up on the site. Take a breathe and relax, now calmly find out where to send the DMCA take down notice. Be calm, be professional and follow what they ask for.
·         REMEMBER THE PART ABOUT EMOTIONAL? Some sites are search engines only if you type the title in it will come up with a place to download it. Guess what if you type in anything it will come up with where to down load it even “oaihjefpoaihewfoaiwjfe[444kk” So your book might not be there make sure before you stress out.
·         Did I mention professional. Always be professional even when dealing with scum. Two authors sent in DMCA letters on the same day. The professional one came down 24 hours later the other one took weeks. Coincidence? Who knows.
·         Keep a DMCA letter in your Docs file makes this an easier email to send when you have it already written. If you need a copy of one please leave me an email address in the comments and I will send you my sample.
·         Believing it won’t matter another one will just pop up tomorrow. Probably but let’s make it as hard as possible for them to get your work for free and some pirate sites are share sites and once you ask for your name to be taken down some will block it from appearing again.
·         Be vigilant.
·         Make sure the site is a Pirate site and not a site your publisher is actually sending too. A sure fire way to piss off your publisher and the third part retail sites are to send a DMCA when your book really is supposed to be there.
·         NEVER ever give them your phone number even if they ask for it to remove a book.
·         THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER EVER blast on social media where you just found a book. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT promote these sites in any way shape or form.
To find out more about DMCA
 Thank you to all those who have spent the 3.99 my most expensive book costs. And to those who buy books, music and movies legally. You are appreciated more then you know.
There are no victimless crimes and we authors are feeling the crimes every day.
About Dominique
Dominique Eastwick is an award winning, bestselling author. She lives in NC with her Hubby two boys, lazy cat and crazy lab. She started the Aspiring Romance author group in 2002 as a way to support other authors in the goals to finding their dreams.



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