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Why Write about Marriage by Mia Catherine

I am thrilled to host Mia Catherine today on the blog...

What draws you to write about married couples?


Like most who read the genre, I love romance. I love the whirlwind involved with a budding new relationship. The glancing looks, the hint of attraction, whether playful or antagonistic, and oh, that first kiss. We all remember these times in our lives—some more fondly than others. Nothing compares to that rush of emotion. We get swept up, and it takes over our lives for a short time.


But, like so many aspects of life, that rush is fleeting. Most of us find a long-term relationship, get married, possibly have some children, and settle into the mundane trivialities of daily life. There are bills to pay, soccer games to attend, colicky kids to calm, yard work to finish and home repair added to the never-ending 'honey-do' list. What happens, even to the best of us? The romance drops to the bottom of that list.


I think that's why so many women love to read about couples in love. In the midst of the pages of a book, we can experience anything—even relive those initial feelings of love. What is unfortunately missing in many of our lives can be found in those stories. My sincere hope, however, is those books can not only help fill needs for some, but can also reignite the spark for others.


To me, there's nothing more romantic, more endearing, or more admirable than a happily married couple. There's a reason we applaud when we hear a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. There's a reason we smile at the image of a wrinkly man and woman holding hands. And, if you're like me, there's a reason you love watching Morty and Lee Kaufman dance around the kitchen in the Swiffer commercials.


Marriage is HARD!


It's hard to live your life day in and day out with another person. It's hard becoming a partner, and it's hard to grow in love as your life changes through the years. It takes work, and unfortunately, far too many in today's society are not successful.


When looking at the romance genre, marriage is often left off the page all together. You may see a reference to an engagement or a marriage in an epilogue of a story, but for the most part, romance novels focus on the meeting and coupling, not the happily ever after.


When I found Decadent's 1Night Stand series, I was intrigued. The elusive Madame Eve can set up any two people at any place, or any time. The sky was the limit—but she could even find ways around that! My mind went to the what if...  What if Madame Eve could help repair the rift time and responsibilities caused? What if she could help mend the relationship of two people deeply in love, yet blind to the cause of their separation? What if she could right something that went terribly wrong?


I want all married couples to succeed. If only we had a real-life Madame Eve who could help heal us when things go bad. Unfortunately, she exists only in our imaginations. Guess that means we're left to keep our relationships alive on our own.


The good news is the reward is more than worth it.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on marriage. Comment below and I'll draw the name of one person to win a copy of my 1Night Stand, Never Too Late!

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Mia Catherine is a proud Cheesehead living with her husband and their three young sons. An avid fan of television dramas, Mia looked away from the small screen when she became disillusioned with the lack of substance on current shows. Enjoying the fantasy involved in a good love story, she turned to reading, and quickly discovered a little voice in her head. That voice led to writing her first chapter, and the second, and the third…
Now, translating that voice in her head to words on the computer is Mia’s escape when times are hard. As words begin to form a story, she’s allowed to escape the trials of everyday life and live in her own little world, if for only a short time.
Knowing others find some pleasure reading what she’s written is just an added bonus.



Sam's life hasn't turned out the way he planned. Two years after an unwelcome divorce from high school sweetheart, Katie, he's struggling to put the pieces of his life together and pay off a mountain of debt. At the insistence of his oldest friend, he reluctantly agrees to be set up on a 1Night Stand. Perhaps it's the push he needs to finally move on?

Divorced and preparing for an empty nest when her only son leaves for Marine Boot Camp, Katie is ready for a change. Working as a legal secretary has given her professional fulfillment, but her romantic life leaves something to be desired.  Weary of facing the future alone, she decides to dip her toe back into the dating pool and perhaps find some companionship.

Forced to confront their issues and a divorce neither wanted, can Sam and Katie forget the past and reconnect?
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